The Lehigh University costume shop is a laboratory in which students, faculty and staff may explore all facets of costume design and technology. We are committed to making our costume shop among the very best undergraduate programs in costuming. We encourage and promote a high level of professionalism with an instructional focus in our costume shop. We welcome challenges and unique opportunities. We promote all areas of costume research, experimentation and collaboration between professionals and students. We exert a humanizing and liberalizing influence on students from across the university community.  


Excellence is our goal. In all areas of the design, construction, and maintenance of costumes for Lehigh University and the Zoellner Arts Center presentation program, we strive for excellence.  This includes areas such as organization and time management, teaching and pedagogy, storage, cleaning, repair, costume crafts, fabric and textile manipulation, and portfolio readiness. Standards of quality are determined and regulated by the costume shop manager and costume designer, who welcome input from the university community.


It is very important that our costume shop be a welcoming, open, tolerant and artistically challenging environment for students, employees and visiting artists. Many exciting and interesting opportunities exist in our costume shop, and students are invited and encouraged to take part in these activities. An uplifting, motivated, inspiring and collaborative spirit can be developed and supported by all. We support Lehigh University’s Commitment to Diversity.

Become effective cross-cultural communicators by

  • Respecting individuals from other cultures
  • Making continued and sincere attempts to understand the world from others’ viewpoints
  • Approaching others with a desire to learn
  • Being flexible and open to new experiences
  • Tolerating ambiguity
  • Having a sense of humor